How does RFFI take community perspectives into account?

The RFFI Board of Directors provides diverse geographic and expertise and stakeholder perspectives. Further, the Redwood Forest Council of community advisors provides local direction and guidance to the Board. Over time, RFFI has convened working groups and engaged relevant professionals for the purpose of soliciting specific types of advice relative to the management of the [...]

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Who manages the Usal Redwood Forest?

The Usal Redwood Forest Company manages the Usal Redwood Forest for RFFI. The Redwood Forest Foundation Board makes major decisions regarding management. A subcommittee of the Board, including its Chairman, Treasurer, President and CEO and a Registered Professional Forester, manage and oversee Usal business matters. Representatives from RFFI’s lender, the Bank of America, serve in [...]

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What is the Usal Redwood Forest Co and how is it related to the Redwood Forest Foundation?

The Usal Redwood Forest Co is a Limited Liability Corporation that is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Redwood Forest Foundation - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. (RFFI) was developed and is governed by a board of directors that includes community members from the redwood region with backgrounds in finance, forestry, [...]

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